Jobs of digitization: What does the future hold for the job market?

Jobs of digitization – hardly any other topic is so controversially discussed in today’s work environment. What does the future hold for the labour market? Major trends such as digital transformation have a significant impact on the development of the labour market and require the acquisition of new skills – both in education and in […]
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letztes Update: 10/17/2019

Jobs of digitization – hardly any other topic is so controversially discussed in today’s work environment. What does the future hold for the labour market?

Major trends such as digital transformation have a significant impact on the development of the labour market and require the acquisition of new skills – both in education and in the working life. Only if you start thinking about your professional future and decide on a modern course offer you will secure your chances of a successful career start – and avoid being left behind by the digital change.

Digitalisation in the economy: How does the process affect new jobs of digitization?

From production and logistics to science and research, there is an enormous process of automation in almost every segment, and many employees feel threatened by it. In fact, some of the jobs that exist today will no longer exist in a few years. At the same time, many fears are without justification: The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) points out that companies which specifically encourage digitisation create significantly more jobs than companies that do not. In other words: Where digitisation eliminates one job, a new one is created at the same time – ideally even several.

However, this does not mean that you should not react early to upcoming changes. On the contrary, in the coming years, the ability to adjust will become a new key concept for you in the future. Why? Quite simply, digitisation requires a multitude of new qualifications that you and your competitors will have to provide in the future – which will have a major impact on learning at schools and universities and the associated development of skills.

What is the “work of tomorrow” and the future of the labour market? To what extent will new skills be important in the profession?

In the course of the digital transformation, the number of job roles with simple activities has decreased – these are more and more taken over by automated processes – while jobs with complex activities and jobs of digitization are continuously growing. As a result, not only the German but also the international labour market is experiencing increasing pressure. In particular training and study courses, but also further education and training will become a central aspect for you in order to be able to actively shape the labour market in the future. However, the problem is that you may not even know which skills you need in the future and how to acquire them. This is how many school graduates and employees feel. When we deal with the topic “work of tomorrow”, we cannot follow today’s structures – after all, we feel that there are significant changes every day to which we have to react.

Digital workplaces: An opportunity for the German business market?

Just a few decades ago, autonomous cars, app-shared electric scooters or the Internet of Things (IoT) were no more than adventurous visions. In present-day times, innovations like these are already part of our private and professional lives. As one of the leading economic nations, Germany has the best chances to (further) advance digitization. This requires above all one thing: smart minds like you who have many creative ideas. Digitally skilled experts have become a key criteria for economic success – because it is not uncommon for them to help small and medium-sized companies as well as established corporations gain valuable advantages in global competition.

XU Exponential University - Industry 4.0

In the industrial sector, intelligent production processes are crucial to be competitive in the long term. Here not only performance and technical equipment are important, but above all a deep understanding of the potential of digitisation. Companies that have realized the potential of digitalization rely on individual digital innovations.

An example:

Thanks to predictive maintenance – one of the most important components in industry 4.0 – companies have the possibility of continuously monitoring the condition of their machines, detecting anomalies at an early stage and thus predicting failures and their timing. This means that machines can be repaired in advance – even before they become inoperative. This offers enormous potential because production processes can be optimized and breakdowns can be largely prevented:

In a nutshell, investing in digitization processes can significantly increase efficiency and productivity. This is precisely why there is an immense need for training and further education in the field of digitization – because this is the only way to effectively meet the prevailing shortage of skilled workers in this area in Germany.

But how can this be achieved? The key is the acquisition of digital skills. Digitisation cannot work without knowledge and education. It is not just a question of equipping companies with the latest technology – it is above all a concern for the people who work with this technology every day. It should be our ambition to empower talents like you and to equip the professionals of the future with the necessary know-how. In order to open up top opportunities for you in a profession of the future, it is essential that digital learning and the acquisition of valuable key competences are established in the education system. This is where XU Exponential University comes in.

Digital Transformation: How do I deal with it?

Modern learning content and the acquisition of important qualifications are crucial in order to keep up with the rapidly changing labour market. As a Germany-wide pioneer in the field of digital transformation, we have made it our mission not only to offer you training and studies all in one, but to provide you with valuable professional skills as well. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the future and register today for your digital studies at XU. This is where you prepare for your career start in the digital working world and for the jobs of digitization- with everything that comes with it.

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