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The occupational fields of the future

Digitalisation and automation are advancing in leaps and bounds and are having a major impact not only on our private lives, but also on the economy and the world of work as we know it. Above all, how we work is changing, everything is becoming increasingly digital or even completely taken over by new technologies. Individual professions will disappear over time, while other professions are experiencing an unprecedented trend. These include, for example, care workers, educators and craftsmen. In addition to these existing professions, however, completely new occupational fields are developing as a result of digitalisation, which require special know-how and are often linked to an academic career.

Our mission is to train the future pioneers of digital transformation.

All our degree programmes are adapted to the requirements of the evolving labour market and are constantly re-evaluated. The aim of XU Exponential University is to fully prepare you for the professions of the future. In addition to new technologies on campus, such as a 3D printer and a robotic arm, we focus teaching on digital solutions and connect theory directly with practical application. You also profit from our global network, consisting of the XU Friends Club, our professors and lecturers as well as our corporate partners – all recognised experts from the digital economy – in a unique ecosystem. You learn from and with startup founders, investors and board members. Through regular events and guest lectures on campus and company visits, you will also gain insights into the latest know-how and trends in the fields of digitalisation and technology.

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Entrepreneurship in teaching

All our programmes are designed to give you the best of both worlds – you will gain in-depth knowledge in your Bachelor’s or Master’s programme while building a broad knowledge base of all areas of digital transformation with other students. In the process, we give you the tools you need to set up your own business or run a company later on.

Even if you have not (yet) decided to take the path of entrepreneurship, professions in the digital economy are in extremely high demand. This puts you in an ideal position for jobs with a high salary, attractive benefits and very good development prospects.

The professions of the future

Here we introduce you to six interesting professions of the future and which degree programme will best prepare you for them.

Business Analyst

The business analyst, as the name suggests, primarily analyses the business processes and coordinates the requirements management of a company. Complex requirements for existing processes and IT systems are to be identified and formulated. The recognition of existing problems and the derivation of possible solutions to solve them is also part of the field of activity. Our bachelor’s degree programme in Digital Business comprehensively prepares you for this and many other exciting professions.

Social Media Manager

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and Snapchat account for a significant share of daily smartphone use. In order to place a brand or products well here, it is important to produce relevant content. The development of a strategy, the creation of editorial plans and the ongoing analysis of important key figures are among the tasks of social media managers. In our bachelor’s degree programme Digital Marketing and Social Media you will learn to master these tasks.

AI Specialist

As an AI specialist, you will become an expert in machine learning and automation, which simplify existing processes and enable companies to save resources. You will also need skills in Python, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. You will learn this and many more skills in our bachelor’s degree programme in Data Science.

Data Scientist

Big data has long been a much-mentioned buzzword and continues to be relevant for many companies. As a data scientist, you evaluate the collected data, help management to gain valuable insights and make the resulting decisions. Our bachelor’s degree programme in Data Science teaches you skills in Apache Spark, Amazon Web Services, Python and much more.

App Developer

A world without apps is hardly imaginable. That’s why app developers are in such high demand on the job market. They work on the conception and programming of apps. They receive the assignment either as part of a company or as an independent app developer. Our Coding and Software Engineering degree programme prepares you for work as an app developer.

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