Is the XU Exponential University a distance learning university?

No, the XU Exponential University is a state-approved private university with a campus in Potsdam.

Are the degree programs attendance-based courses?

Degree programs at XU Exponential University are attendance-based studies that are supported by digital learning units.

How do the study courses differ in their content?

Our degree programmes cover all social and economic areas of digitalisation. Read more in the overview of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

What stands out about studying at XU Exponential University?

At XU Exponential University, everything revolves around new technologies and digitalization and how your initial ideas can become the innovations of tomorrow. And above all, how we get your ideas off the ground together with you.

At the XU Exponential University, we provide practical training in skill areas that are indispensable to digital transformation. In light of this, we continuously adapt learning formats and course content to the latest developments and trends in the field of digitization and technology.

Your ongoing development is supported by regular practical projects with leading experts in the fields of technology and digitization from Europe, the USA and, particularly, China.

Instead of frontal teaching, we focus on interaction and flexible learning spaces in small groups – even outside the lecture hall. The focus of our study programs is applied project work, experimentation and prototyping. The Potsdam campus has been specially designed to enable learning and teaching outside the auditorium.

You are supported by our global expert network. At XU Exponential University, leading practitioners from business and start-ups as well as the best minds from technology, science and research teach. And, of course, this includes the members of the XU Friends Club.

For you, studying at XU Exponential University means access to first-hand knowledge and up-to-date market knowledge from experts. You are equipped with the skills that you will need for your career so that you can roll out your revolutionary ideas.

Small groups, an obligatory semester abroad (as part of the full-time bachelor’s programs) or International Summer Schools (as part of the part-time bachelor’s and master’s programs) at one of our partner universities are a set standard at XU Exponential University.

The same applies to the use of new digital methods and tools as well as the teaching of a solid, globally recognized fundamental education in key topics of business administration and the social sciences.

Overall, the individual support of the students at XU Exponential is of our utmost priority. We see ourselves as a team that includes all those on campus.

At which partner universities can students study abroad?

We are currently in collaboration with the following 6 universities:

  • Asia Pacific University, Malaysia
  • International College of Management, Australia
  • Cesine Santander University, Spain
  • EUSA Sevilla, Spain
  • Griffith College, Ireland
  • Berkeley College, New York
  • National University, San Diego
  • University North Carolina Wilmington, Wilmington
  • Vancouver Island University, Canada

We are currently in discussions with further universities in Australia, the USA, Italy, Ireland and Great Britain. You can find out more about the semester abroad here.

Is it possible to study part-time at the XU Exponential University?

No, but we offer our StudyBeyond concept. The semester lasts 20 weeks. Here practice goes before theory: Our StudyBeyond concept allows you to combine your studies with your job. You’re going to be studying practice-oriented at the university while being able to work at least one working day a week. We do support you in making a living and moreover, give you the opportunity to immediately apply the knowledge you have acquired during your studies. On the days you spend studying, you will take part in exciting coaching sessions, guest lectures and webinars. You will be taught by professors and digital founders who will pass on their practical knowledge, expertise, and industry experience to you. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from our partner network and build your own network of industry professionals, which will make it easier for you to start your career.

Hoch much does it cost to study at XU Exponential University?

Bachlor’s degree programs:

Digital Business BSc in fulltime: 27,360 Euro (plus semester abroad)

Digital Marketing and Social Media BSc in fulltime: 27,360 Euro (plus semester abroad)

Coding and Software Engineering BSc in fulltime: 31,320 Euro (plus semester abroad)

Data Science BSc in fulltime: 31,320 Euro (plus semester abroad)

The fee for the semester abroad in the Bachelor’s degree programmes depends on the partner university and is assumed to be between 4,000 and 5,000 euros.

Master’s degree programs:

Digital Transformation Management MA in fulltime: 8,640 Euro

Data Science MSc in fulltime: 21,360 Euro

How can I finance my studies at XU Exponential University?

Because your future must not fail because of the financing of your studies, we offer various financing options. You can also find more tips, e.g. on the BaföG reform 2019, on our blog.

Until when can I apply?

An application for the respective winter semester is possible at any time, there is no explicit application deadline as at state universities.

For latecomers: At XU Exponential University, you can even enrol up to four weeks after the start of the semester. Please note that you have to prepare the corresponding curriculum on your own.

What are ECTS?

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) serves as a basis for the comparison of education systems and the recognition of credit points across European countries. One ECTS-Credit point is equivalent to an average workload of 30 hours. In addition to the courses, the workload also includes the time spent preparing for and following up on the courses, examinations and the time spent on self-study. ECTS points also form the basis for the recognition of study achievements and diplomas between higher education institutions.

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