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Digital Marketing and Social Media
(B. Sc.)

Digital Business
(B. Sc.)

Digital Transformation
(M. A.)

Coding and Software Engineering
(B. Sc.)

Data Science
(B. Sc.)

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XU Exponential University

We founded the XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences because new technologies and digitalization are permanently changing our society. Jobs of the future depend on digital skills. Shouldn’t the education system then also keep up, change and provide answers? We say yes. And you?

What is the XU all about? About the ideas that change our future. Instead of frontal teaching, you experience interaction and flexible learning environments. There are no overcrowded lecture halls, but small groups and a campus that is in no way inferior to a loft. Here you can express your creativity.

XU degree programs cover all areas of business and society that are affected by digitalization. No matter which degree program you choose at XU, you have your career ticket in hand – because the demand for digital heroes is constantly growing.