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Data Engineer

Data engineers are in high demand in various industries. They take care of all processes related to the generation, storage, maintenance, preparation, enrichment and dissemination of data.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Experience in the further development, optimisation, operation, maintenance and support of data intelligence infrastructures
  • Knowledge of setting up a data warehouse in the layers data extraction, transformation, loading, reporting and administration
  • Knowhow in the transformation from a classic data warehouse to a cloud-based data platform
  • Experience in working with SQL / NoSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra
  • Advanced programming knowledge
  • Knowledge of Java, Scala, graph databases and data modelling
  • Skills in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Spark, Flink or Storm
  • Skills in forecasting results, implementing intelligent workflows and designing new, personalised business models
Data Engineer Image
Data Engineer image


Coders are versatile and can be deployed in a variety of ways. They deal with the new and further development of software, develop software tests and documentation or carry out error analyses and troubleshooting. This means that coders are not only familiar with programming languages, but also with the planning, architecture, design and implementation of software solutions.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Knowhow in the areas of computer science & programming
  • Knowledge of operating systems, programming languages, databases, cloud technologies, etc.
  • Experience in the analytical and practical approach of development projects
  • Knowledge of Linux system administration
  • Experience in the use of software development tools
  • Knowledge of algorithms & data structures and process models
  • Knowledge around planning (BPMN), design (interfaces & API) and implementation (data beacons), up to testing and quality assurance as well as final deployment
  • Agile mindset in software development and team leadership
  • Special knowledge in the area of DevOps, machine learning and IT security
Coder Image
Coder Image

Innovations Manager

Innovation managers are responsible for ensuring that ideas are not only found or developed, but also actually implemented. In their role, they create and implement our innovation strategies and thus steer the success of products. They accompany the complete path of digital transformation from idea generation to competitive product development and act as an interface between management, development team and IT.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Understanding of digital strategies, business areas, products and services
  • Knowledge in dealing with platforms and digital media
  • Digital leadership skills and knowledge of digital organisation and culture
  • Overall understanding of the principles of Lean, System Thinking, Agile Development, Product Flow and DevOps to run a Lean Enterprise.
  • Using business agility to survive in a competitive market environment
  • Understanding of team agility as well as technical agility
  • Knowhow in methods such as design thinking to develop innovative solutions and implement the corresponding visions
  • Mindset and tools to develop successful products – from launch to product retirement – using agile techniques.
  • Ability to define strategies to enter new markets
Innovation Manager Image
Innovation Manager Image

Content Creator

Content creators are masters of digital storytelling. As a content creator, you develop cross-media strategies and concepts for companies in various industries in order to address the target group with suitable content. You develop the content and distribute it on the different channels, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Knowledge in the use of social media platforms and social media tools
  • Curiosity, open-mindedness and creativity
  • Communication skills and a flair for language
  • Structured, analytical, conceptual thinking
  • Experience in setting up online marketing strategies
  • Knowledge in planning, implementation and evaluation (website visitor analysis) of social media campaigns
  • Knowhow for traffic increase
  • Understanding of planning, developing, designing and publishing content for various social media channels, the website and other marketing and press materials
  • Knowhow in handling the camera and Adobe programmes
Content Creator Image
Content Creator Image

Social Media Marketing Manager

Marketing managers, especially in the field of social media, are more in demand than ever. Their job is to design, implement, control and optimise a company’s social media and marketing campaigns so that the right target group is addressed with the right content.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Knowledge in the use of social media platforms and social media tools
  • Experience in setting up online marketing strategies
  • Knowledge in planning, implementation and evaluation (website visitor analysis) of social media campaigns
  • Knowhow for traffic increase
  • Knowledge of email marketing, social media marketing & influencer marketing
  • Knowledge of performance marketing and the use of Adwords
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Create your own analysis dashboards with Google etc.
Social Media Marketing Manager Image
Social Media Marketing Manager Image

Digital Marketing Specialists

Digital Marketing Specialists pursue similar goals as traditional Marketing Specialists – increasing brand awareness and promoting products or services. In contrast to traditional marketing channels, digital marketers communicate via diverse technology platforms. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, you organise and monitor all digital marketing measures, e.g. online marketing campaigns and SEA, and always have your finger on the pulse.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Knowledge in planning campaigns in the areas of SEO, SEM/SEA, email/newsletter marketing, social media and affiliate marketing
  • In addition to classic marketing skills, technical know-how regarding the conception and implementation of websites (HTML and CSS) as well as knowledge in the areas of usability and interface design are also required.
  • Experience in office and image editing programs and content management systems (CMS) as well as shop and blog systems
  • General understanding of the function of search engines
  • Professional handling of various web analysis tools as well as confident handling of numbers and data
Digital Marketing Specialist Image
Digital Marketing Specialist Image

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Specialists play a key role in Customer Success Managers play a key role in modern customer management. They ensure that all customer needs are met and that the customer receives the best possible customer experience. Customer Success Managers need both a general understanding of customer-related service processes and the technical know-how to implement these processes according to the latest standards.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, resilience
  • A modern and digital understanding of the product
  • Knowledge in the use of social media platforms
  • Experience in using digital channels and customer service tools, such as Salesforce
  • Capabilities for the development of omnichannel strategies
  • Experience in the automation of processes
  • Knowhow in the area of user experience and interfaces
  • Knowledge in the use of marketing & sales controlling software
  • Experience in dealing with data collection and analysis
Customer Success Manager Image
Customer Success Manager Image

Agile Coach

Agile coaches are more in demand than ever, because they support entire companies, teams or individuals in using agile methods and tools and building an agile mindset, whether as product owners, SCRUM masters, architects, release train engineers or members of an agile team. This makes agile coaches the key to a holistic agile company.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Overall understanding of the principles of Lean, System Thinking, Agile Development, Product Flow and DevOps to run a Lean Enterprise.
  • Knowledge of the contexts of the agile framework
  • Knowhow in using business agility to survive in a competitive market environment
  • Team agility & technical agility serve as basic requirements for cooperation
  • Competences for the implementation of programme increment planning and the coordination of Agile Release Trains (ARTs)
  • Skills to lead high performance teams in an Agile release train
  • Knowhow to manage value streams in a Lean Enterprise
  • Knowledge of how to refine features & stories, manage programme and team backlogs, and plan and implement iterations and programme executions.
Agile Coach Image
Agile Coach Image

Digital Health Expert

Digital Health Experts think through the processes in the entire healthcare system from a new perspective. In this way, they master the application of innovative technologies to increase the efficiency of health care and to use resources in care and drug provision more individually and effectively.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Understanding the importance of new digital technologies in the health sector
  • “Health literacy”, i.e. the competent handling of health-related information
  • Knowledge about rights and duties of caregivers in the digital context
  • Knowledge in the use of the electronic patient record (ePA)
  • Knowhow in the analysis and evaluation of data from digital health tools, e.g. fitness trackers or health apps
  • Knowledge of the latest digital tools in the health sector
  • Knowledge of dealing with big data and AI, data protection and data security
  • Knowledge of medical informatics standards, such as HL7, DICOM, IHE, SNOMED CT, etc.
  • Fundamental understanding of the holistic digitisation of companies

(with a focus on Digital Health)

Digital Health Expert Image
Digital Health Expert Image

FinTech Specialist

FinTech Specialists deal with Blockchain, Big Data as well as new business models, innovative products and services in the financial industry. They observe technological trends and developments and use novel financial instruments to digitally map complex asset structures, transactions and corporate processes.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Comprehensive understanding of the financial sector and digital financial instruments
  • Experience in the digitalisation of value creation processes in banks
  • Knowledge of digital financial products & new working methods (e.g. mobile banking, blockchain, robo advisors, DevOps, agile methods)
  • Knowledge in the automation of work processes
  • Experience with methods of efficiency improvement and transformation with the aim of further developing business models and processes as well as cultural change
Fintech Specialist Image
Fintech Specialist Image

Digital Logistics Manager

Digital logistics managers are an important part of Industry 4.0. They control digital processes in warehousing, conveyor and packaging technology or in sales. Depending on their specialisation, they can work as a Logistic Data Analytics Specialist, a Logistic AI Expert, a Logistic Platform Manager or a Logistic Expert for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, among others.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Understanding of digital trends in logistics
  • Knowledge of the most important technologies in warehouse, production and transport logistics
  • Experience with warehousing software
  • Communication skills and understanding of the interconnectedness of workflows and processes
  • Skills in the use of Big Data in logistics to increase efficiency, especially within distribution and logistics networks
  • Application of supply chain agility methods to be able to react to changes in internal and external value chains
  • Experience in developing strategies for better collaboration between supply chain stakeholders
Digital Logistics Manager Image
Digital Logistics Manager Image

Technology Consultant

Technology consultants are familiar with the planning, implementation and control of the development and application of novel technologies. They also have experience in innovation management and possess technological know-how on licensing models and the acquisition of patents. This enables them to create significant competitive advantages for their company.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Knowledge in the field of innovation & technology management
  • Experience with implementation methods and in implementation planning
  • Experience with implementation methods and implementation planning
  • Knowledge of early technological detection
  • Roadmapping of innovations and product development
  • Knowledge on the topics of patents and protection of innovations
  • Experience in dealing with open source
  • Knowledge of technology portfolio, environment and scenario analysis for a better evaluation of technologies
Technical Consultant Image
Technical Consultant Image

E-Mobility Expert

Mobility Experts develop the cars of the future and control the highly automated production of electric motors. In doing so, they deal with the current megatrends Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility and E-Mobility, look at technical challenges and develop new innovative solutions in a true future field.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Knowledge of digital transformation in the mobility and automotive industry
  • Understanding of the current trends in connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification and their interdependencies
  • Understanding of changing value chains in the automotive sector
  • Change the meaning of customer preferences and apply new business models directly using cases
  • Knowledge of the most important technological market developments in mobility
  • Experience in digital leadership and strategy development
  • Experience with concepts and solutions in the area of Connected Car
  • Knowledge of relevant forms of shared mobility, their potential and the resulting consequences for the automotive industry
  • Knowledge of drivers and enablers of e-mobility such as battery technology and infrastructure

(with a focus on e-mobility)

E-Mobility Expert Image
E-Mobility Expert Image

UX/ UI Designer

As a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer, you are good at empathising with people and groups – your ultimate goal is to inspire users for applications such as apps or websites and to enable a positive experience with your application.

What skills do you need for this future job?

  • Understanding of current developments in the field of UX design
  • Knowledge in conducting competitive analysis, customer analysis and user research
  • Understanding the development of personas and the design of user journeys
  • Knowledge in dealing with market research methods and conducting interviews
  • Knowhow in the creation of wireframes
  • Experience in content development
  • Knowledge in conducting usability tests with users to uncover opportunities for optimisation
  • Experience in prototyping to test an idea
UX Designer Image
UX Designer Image

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