3 questions, 3 answers with Julian Knappe

A new university is created that uses new approaches to discard old and conservative systems and sets itself a goal for the future.

3 questions, 3 answers to the students of XU, this time with Julian, student of Digital Business. With the Hashtag #xustudentlife, our students will also be giving insights into their student lives in our Instagram story in the coming months. In the next two weeks, it will be Julian, Frederik, Leonard and Noah.

Why did you choose the XU?

Originally my interests were in design-oriented and creative subjects like UX-design or freelance art, as I’ve always been good at these topics. After some thoughts, I realized that it is not the visual art that fascinates me. Rather, the fascination is the creation of new things in themselves. And this is where XU University comes in: A new university is created that uses new approaches to discard old and conservative systems and sets itself a goal for the future. I have found this mindset only at the XU in such a mature form, and how should a person learn the creation of new systems, companies, etc., if the university does not follow it? 

Why did you choose your course of studies?

As described in the first question, I love to be creative and to create new and previously unknown things out of certain circumstances. And there are hardly any limits: With the degree program “Digital Business” you learn to be even more creative, for example to come up with unique start-up ideas. However, creativity does not end with these ideas. With the future, even existing companies will have to radically evolve themselves to stay successful in the market. Consequently, it is possible to find solutions for problems in just about every subsection of a company and thus to shape the future of the market, of people and of our own selves. 

What was important to you when choosing your place to study?

It was particularly important to me that the university, in terms of its structure and its own systems, also corresponds to what the students learn in it. The environment is in my eyes very important for the fun and success of the students. That’s exactly what happens at the XU: The university is practically a start-up, since most of the students prefer to start their own business here, which of course is great, this environment is perfect. What you also need to build your own business are connections. The primary thing here are the students: Here, everyone is in the mood to create something new. That will certainly bring benefits in the future. The XU-Group and its associated practice partners also provide a good opportunity to deal with the job market.