3 questions, 3 answers with Frederik Mund

For me it was really important to get a very good education and besides that to build up a network. 

3 questions, 3 answers to the students of XU, this time with Frederik, student of Digital Business. With the Hashtag #xustudentlife, our students will also be giving insights into their student lives in our Instagram story in the coming months. In the next two weeks, it will be Frederik, Julian, Leonard and Noah.

Why did you choose XU?

I experienced the XU through Instagram and was immediately enthusiastic about it. There are lessons in small courses and you are perfectly prepared for your later working life with a lot of group work. Now that I’m here, I can say that everything what has been promised is realized. 

Why did you choose your course of studies?

Digital Business is like modern business administration, digital marketing and big data combined. In the future, this will lead companies forward and help them adapt to the age of digitalization.

What was important to you when choosing your place to study?

It was very important to me to get a good apprenticeship, but also to make many contacts which I will keep after my studies. XU offers all this because you get to know the lecturers very personally and can also profit from your contacts.