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We empower digital natives with the essential tech skills needed to master the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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In our hands-on study programs, you will evolve into a digital change-maker, preparing for a career as manager, consultant, data analyst or software developer.

What We Offer

Offering a new way of studying in a supportive environment.

Real Projects

Our project-based learning approach with companies will boost your career after graduation.

Job Market Ready

Pave the way to diverse and future secure Jobs in the ever changing landscape.

Metropol Area Berlin

Enjoy the metropol region and discover our campus at the area of Studio Babelsberg.

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Get a glimpse of our student life on our monthly open campus day.

Network with Companies

…in projects with industry leaders like Hella Aglaia and Vattenfall, to gain real-world experience.

Funding Options

We offer private studies without financial burden with a bunch of possibilities to fund your study program in collaboration with our partners.

Our Study Programs

Discover our programs and start an exciting educational journey designed for the next generation of digital leaders who are ready to excel in the world of e-business.


Bachelor of Science in

Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • Craft campaigns
  • Navigate social platforms
  • Drive brand success

Develop hands-on skills in our Bachelor of Science in strategic marketing, content creation, and social media management, positioning yourself as a future leader in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

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Bachelor of Science in

Digital Business


  • E-Business
  • Online Consumer Behaviour
  • Digital Strategies

Learn the art of creating online customer experiences, devising virtual market expansion strategies, and leveraging technology to reshape business paradigms in the digital era with our Bachelor of Science in Digital Business.

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Bachelor of Science in

Coding and Software Engineering


  • Responsive Websites
  • Build Software
  • Fullstack Development

Create immersive user experiences, and develop applications that redefine industries with our Bachelor of Science in Coding. Seamlessly blend your technical skills with business acumen, opening doors to careers that bridge technology and practicality.

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Bachelor of Science in




  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Pattern Recognition

Learn to extract actionable insights from complex datasets in our Data Science Bachelor of Science. Acquire the skills to guide strategic decisions using data-driven insights, setting the stage for roles that bridge raw data and impactful business strategies.

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Master of Arts in

Digital Transformation Management


  • Change Management
  • Digital strategy
  • Innovation Leadership

Learn to navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape, enabling organizations to thrive in an era of technological disruption. With our Master in Digital Transformation Management you become the catalyst for transformative change in the digital age.

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Master of Science in



  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Decision-Making

In our Master of Science in Data Science, you’ll harness the power of data to solve complex challenges and fuel innovation, preparing yourself to be a leader in the data-driven landscape of the future.

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What Students Are Saying

We have a diverse pool of students performing in
both career ways – Employment and Founding.


Graduate Coding & Software Engineering and founder of OPTIMO

„When I think about my start at XU and what I would do differently right from the beginning, it would be to set myself a concrete goal. What job do I want to do, what skills do I need for it? In my case, it was clearly founding.“


Data Science

“Learning cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on experience in our respective fields of study while still in college gives us an advantage over many who attend a traditional university.”


Coding & Software Engineering

“The program and environment allow me to learn and grow according to my individual needs. The faculty are very responsive and are always available for help.”

Rishi Ray

Digital Business

“The environment at XU is very pleasant. New students and friends are very open and everyone is helpful. For me, as a native English/Chinese speaker, it is very convenient that everyone at XU communicates with me in English.”


Graduate Coding & Software Engineering

“In the future, it won’t be what title you have, but what skills you have.”


Graduate Coding & Software Engineering

“The course is very future-oriented. That particularly appealed to me because I want to study tomorrow’s things, not yesterday’s.”


Digital Marketing and Social Media

“I study at XU because I want to gain the knowledge of tomorrow today. Here I learn in a practical way with a focus on relationships in the world of startups and big players. In addition, my university stands for diversity and togetherness from all over the world.”


Coding & Software Engineering

“I particularly like the project-oriented learning at XU, because you understand the topics much deeper and better due to the direct practical relevance.”


Digital Marketing and Social Media

“I study Digital Marketing and Social Media at XU because I want to acquire practical knowledge during my studies, which I can ideally combine with my creative nature. My motto: Never give up!”

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Discover our programs to explore your interests
and get you future ready for an exciting career.

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