Dual studies: Does such a model work for me?

Career and studies in one – in times of a highly competitive job market, more and more young people are deciding to take part in diverse (further) education.

This is quite understandable, because a dual course of study is an opportunity to acquire important skills and earn money on the side. In this blog article you will learn if a dual study program is worthwhile for you, which advantages and disadvantages it has and which possibilities XU offers you for this.

Dual or part-time study: What is the difference?

In various forums and study blogs the terms “dual studies” and “part-time studies” are used more or less synonymously. This often causes confusion – especially if you are a first-time student. In fact, there are some significant differences, which we will explain to you in more detail below:

Part-time studies

Part-time studies are completed with relatively fewer hours per week. This increases the total length of study. This study model is particularly interesting for working people and people who want to combine job and family.

Dual studies

Usually, a dual study program is run by a specific company, to which you apply as a prospective student in advance. During your studies you will work closely together with this company and may also be supported in financing your studies.

Dual studies: For whom is it worthwhile to combine work and studies in one?

In the meantime, dual studies are possible in a wide range of courses of study. It comprises a regular university course of study, which is combined with either:

  • an apprenticeship or
  • practical parts

You will attend your lectures and courses in a rotation agreed with your employer in advance. This allows you to gain scientific education and at the same time gain practical experience in a company. But be careful: There are also certain characteristics that you should definitely take into account:

Dual course of study integrating the apprenticeship

In a course of studies that integrates an apprenticeship, career and studies basically run parallel. As a graduate, you will receive not only your Bachelor’s degree but also a full training certificate, i.e. your vocational qualification is recognized by the state.

Sandwich course

Similar to an integrated training course, the practice-integrating course is divided into a block or weekly model, but does not include vocational training in the strict sense. As a graduate you will only receive a state-recognized Bachelor’s degree.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dual studies?

As with any other study model, there are also disadvantages with dual studies. Especially if you are not yet one hundred percent sure where you want to go on your professional journey, you should weigh up the pros and cons and obtain comprehensive information in advance.

Advantages of a dual study program

  • high practical relevance
  • good chances of being employed in the company
  • diverse due to switching between studies and work

Disadvantages of a dual study program

  • possibly high burden from studies and work
  • giving up the full semester holidays, company holiday regulations apply

At XU, you will benefit from many practice partners that you can refer too. Especially in the full-time area, we offer you a lot of freedom to gain practical experience – like our 3+2 model. This model consists of three days per week during which you study and two days off from lectures during which you can pursue a working student job. In part-time studies, lectures are only held in the evening and sometimes on weekends. All in all, you can say that studying at XU combines the advantages of all study models.

To conclude

You have to decide for yourself whether a dual course of study is appropriate for you. How concrete are your ideas about what you want to do professionally? It is very important that you enjoy what you are learning and your field of activity – so find out early and in detail which tasks you will be facing.

We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice regarding your opportunities at XU. In addition to our three Bachelor’s programs, we have a large network of practical partners. This allows us to find you possible working student positions and you can take full advantage of our 3+2 model (3 days of study, 2 days free of lectures).

Which courses of study are suitable for dual studies?

Nowadays, a large number of courses of study are offered as dual study programs. In principle, any course of study with a concrete practical relevance is suitable for this purpose. At XU Exponential University, you can expect courses of studies that could hardly be more future-oriented – and that offer you a lot of freedom to look for a student trainee job that fits perfectly with your practical wishes. Have a look at our info page and convince yourself!

How do I finance my dual studies?

What a dual course of study has in advance of purely theoretical studies is the monthly salary – similar to a regular employment relationship. This means that you have a regular income during your studies, which makes it much easier to finance your studies. However, even this is no guarantee that your salary will be sufficient to cover all your study costs – after all, the compensation varies from company to company and the amount of hours you can work on the side.

Also keep an eye on your living costs – especially if you have just moved out of your parents’ house and now have to pay for rent, clothes, food, use of public transport, etc. If your family cannot support you financially, you could apply for BAföG. However, you have to make sure that your monthly salary does not exceed the corresponding allowances.

In our article on financing your studies you will find detailed information and tips.

Your studies at XU Exponential University

Studying at XU means one thing above all: top chances on the job market. Our 3+2 model allows you to transfer what you have learned directly into practice. You will profit from good chances of being taken on by our practice partners because the companies are naturally interested in training and promoting you as a junior specialist.

Are you interested in studying at XU? We offer many interesting bachelor and master programs that will make you fit for the job market of the future. Visit us on our campus in Potsdam or contact us directly: Our student counseling service will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about studying at XU while working. And who knows? Maybe we already have one or the other placement proposal for you.