Degree programs without admission requirements

In a few weeks’ time, in Germany the Abitur examinations will be held and the High School degrees will soon be awarded. In the current system, these grades often determine the study options for high school graduates.

But not all courses of study are tied to the GDP achieved during the last years in High School (referred to as Numerus Clausus – NC). In this article, we will explain which study degrees are excluded from this rule and how to apply for a Bachelor degree without a Numerus Clausus (NC).    

Which study programs are admission free? 

When we talk about open admissions it means that there are enough places available in this particular course of study and that the universities do not have to conduct a selection procedure. You can usually apply directly to the university with your High School certificate or any other university entrance qualification. 

Admission-free courses of study can therefore vary from one university to another. For example, experience has shown that there may be fewer applicants for a certain history degree than there are places available at a university in Aachen – so the history course at the university in Aachen is classified as an admission-free course. However, if there are more applicants for the History course than places at another university, this comparable course will be classified as admission restricted. This varies not only from university to university but can also change from semester to semester within the university.  

Here in the Studienführer created by the Zeit magazine you will find a list of all courses of study which are currently admission free: Open the Zeit database

How does study allocation work without NC?  

In case of free-admission programs, as a rule of thumb only the formal requirements such as the acquisition of a university entrance qualification or language skills need to be presented and students can enroll directly at the university.  

At the XU Exponential University our admission is always free because more than just on the students’ grades, we place great value on the motivation of the students and their interest in the digital and technological field.   

We want to bring forth innovations, and we see that this is impossible without parting with old rules. At XU Exponential University, you won’t find dry lectures in overcrowded lecture halls – and that’s why we also set other standards for the allocation of our study places. We are convinced that a university which wants to educate the talents of tomorrow cannot work with the methods of yesterday. So we are radically rethinking education and want to inspire, challenge and make our students into shapers of digital change.  

If you have the desire and energy to be part of this group of pioneers, you can find all the information about studying and registering here: Find out more about XU Exponential University