Accelerating exponential entrepreneurs

Our mission is to educate the future pioneers of digital change.

Our global network comprising of the XU Friends Club, our professors and lecturers as well as our corporate partners brings together recognized experts from the digital economy in a unique eco-system including serial entrepreneurs, investors and board members. Through regular on-campus events and company visits you get insights into the latest know-how and trends of technology and digitization.

Study for the jobs of the future

Even when you are not considering an entrepreneurial path (yet) professions in the digital economy are extremely high in demand – leaving you with the best starting point for jobs with high salary and attractive benefits.

XU Exponential University - unsere Studies

The university for future shapers

XU is a magnet for people who want to make a difference. If you are considering founding a company at some point, this is the best environment for it.

– Valentin, studies Coding and Software Engineering

Entrepreneurship in your degree

All our study programs are designed to bring you the best of both worlds – you will get deep insights in your desired bachelor’s or master’s specialization while at the same time have common courses with other students from all areas to get broad knowledge in all other areas of the digital transformation.