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Going your own way…

and turning your ideas into the next innovations? Writing tomorrow’s history today with your digital business models and technologies? Launching new digital marketing channels and leading them to success?

Is this definitely you?

Welcome to XU Exponential University. With a bachelor’s degree in Digital Business or Coding and Software Engineering , your professional career will take off. You are in high demand just about everywhere – no matter if you see yourself in a large corporation, opt for a non-governmental organization, set up your own start-up or dedicate yourself to science, research and development.

Is a bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media or Data Science more to your taste? Then go ahead! You will soon be able to complete these courses with us.

Digital Business

For all leaders, who shape the company of tomorrow.

Not only do you want to know what the company of the future is going to need, but also want to play an active role in shaping it? Do you want to make your digital ideas take off? Do you see yourself in a business, an agency or a start-up? Then Bachelor in Digital Business is the program for you..


As a Digital Business Manager, you will have the tools and mindset to develop innovative digital business models. You will decide on the use of new technologies and applications as well as on the targeted use of data analysis. You will set the course that makes a successful digital transformation even possible in the first place.

Software Enginnering

For all developers, who turn bits & bytes into digital innovations.

Do you hear your calling when everyone asks for “Coding? Coding? Coding???”? Are you more bits & bytes than yin & yang? Do you see your challenge in the development of new technological and software-based solutions? Then you should be heading toward Coding and Software Engineering 

You will be using modern methods to develop software, applications and apps for the systems and technologies of our future. Whether you are a coder or a software developer, your skills will set the pace for digital progress. Your ideas and expertise are in demand with just about everyone – whether it be with large corporations or start-ups, with agencies or in development, science and research.

Marketing and Social Media

For all creatives, who unravel the world with their ideas.

Are you curious about how brands are built and digital campaigns developed? How are digital marketing strategies set up? Which tools and channels do agencies use when launching new products and brands? How do you create emotional brand experiences?

Do you want to know what social media marketing can do? What does a story need to stay in people’s heads? How are likes and views of digital marketing activities optimized? And by the way, what even is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?

Our bachelor course Digital Marketing and Social Media answers your questions. But above all, it’s your springboard to unravel the world with your creative ideas.

Industry 4.0

For all pioneers, who think and act beyond 4.0.

You say evolution is all very fine and good, but a real (industrial/digital) revolution would be much better? Are you thinking beyond the product developments and manufacturing process of today? Is tomorrow what drives you? Do you want to make innovations and new business models smarter and more networked? If these topics are consuming your thoughts, then go straight into Industry 4.0

As an expert for Industry 4.0, it is up to you to secure the economic success of companies and to shape the future of work in 4.0 Plus. Whether in construction, planning, production, logistics or sales, your interdisciplinary qualifications make you the main switchboard for Industry 4.0. Your expertise sets off revolutionary business models, structures and processes and embeds networked solutions and services as well as new forms of work, innovation and communication.

As an engineer, you will create digital networked solutions for business that will form the foundation for tomorrow’s success.

Data Science

For all explorers, who are one step ahead of the future.

For all explorers, who are one step ahead of the future. You believe there is no point having data unless you do something with it? Do you think big, especially when it comes to data? Do you want to know tomorrow’s buzz today? remove me remove me Then Data Science is the course you are looking for.

As a data scientist, you can precisely derive the facts and findings that will determine our future from a mass of information. Your expertise sheds light on the black box of data. Your data analyses, which you also use to review trends, industry developments and prevailing strategies, are the backbone for making future decisions today.

You are responsible for the recommendations for tomorrow’s action and beyond, whether it be for established businesses, start-ups, consulting firms, agencies or public administrations.

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