Master in Digital Business

For all digital decision-makers with a 360-degree view.

Do you wonder what the global players of today are doing right and wrong? What does it take to put the digital giants of tomorrow on the road to success? How are companies guided into a new and, more importantly, digital future? And how can their potential for innovation be unleashed?

Are you asking yourself about which strategies and digital skills are needed today in order to sustain yesterday’s economic success? What even is a digital roadmap? What do these look like and how are they developed and implemented?

Are you thinking about how change projects are set up to secure the future of companies and their workforce? Which structures and processes are necessary for achieving this? And which interface functions and divisions need special consideration?

Do you wonder about the leadership competencies, tools and methods that are needed to prepare employees and executives to meet the challenges of our digital age? What will their new job profiles look like? And how can jobs be secured? How do you even run a company?

Not only does our master’s degree program in Digital Business give you answers to your questions but also the knowledge and skills you need to become a digital leader of tomorrow and beyond.

Overview Study Plan

Reach the Master level

You will gain the core competencies you need as a Digital Business Manager so that you can stay the course and successfully lead companies toward the future.

During your master’s program, you will acquire the necessary expertise through various applied modules that focus on digital business management, development and governance.

The element linking all of these modules? You will deal with all relevant aspects of Enterprise Management. This includes core concepts, methods and tools such as (Digital) Corporate Development, (Digital) Corporate Performance Measurement, (Digital) Process Management and (Digital) Quality Management.

You will become proficient in how companies are strategically, organizationally and culturally set up and staffed to successfully tackle digital transformation. You will learn what it takes to develop and implement digitalization strategies for companies that are approaching or currently undergoing digital transformation.

During your master’s program, you will expand your existing knowledge of Digital Leadership with a two-phase Leadership Assessment (in the first and fourth semesters).

In addition, you will learn how to plan and implement a change project that is aligned to digitalization with the objective of adapting strategies, structures and processes.

Moreover, you will establish consulting competences as part of a applied project and deepen your qualitative and quantitative research methods in a practical research project.

Select 2 out of 3: Become a specialist

You will deepen your acquired digital skills by selecting two mandatory elective subjects.

Your studies. Your future. Your decision.

This also applies to your elective subjects. You decide which specialization suits you best. When making your choice, consider the experience that you have gained from jobs, internships and projects and the demands that the job market places on you.

Become the conductor of all digital marketing instruments. You will develop and direct all the digital ideas and concepts needed to attract new target groups and to inspire them with brands and companies. You know exactly which social media strategies and new tools are demanded and how to use them to strike the right tune for every audience. Not only are Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) a permanent component of your orchestra but you also play these instruments in virtuosic style.

Become a manager for the supreme discipline of Human Resources. You will develop and take responsibility for the strategies that secure the future of the company’s core capital: the people. You know which digital skills tomorrow’s job profiles will require and how you can develop your workforce through digital learning and training. You use digital recruitment to bring the talents of tomorrow on board. With your expertise in digital assessment, you can determine exactly which new digital skills are needed. Your toolbox will be rounded off with Digital Communication and Digital Collaboration.

Become an expert on IT and data for everything related to digital transformation. You will develop and implement sustainable IT strategies and use them to build the structures and processes of the company of the future. You know how to apply essential methods of data preparation and analysis to identify customer needs and, most importantly, you know how to meet them. You transfer big data into smart data and find new ways to meet the demands and needs of your target groups. You are at the gateway between development and innovation of new digital products and you hold the reins.

International Summer School

At the end of the second semester you will take part in a two- to three-week summer school where you will expand your professional experience through accompanying case studies and project work. The program takes place at one of our international partner universities.

And last but not least – your master thesis

The master thesis in your last semester will complete your studies. In your master thesis, you will address concrete and practical questions of the digital domain. The master thesis can be completed in cooperation with businesses, whether it be a large corporation, small or medium-sized enterprise or start-up.

Your studies at a glance

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Hello, future!
You successfully completed your master’s degree in Digital Business? What is next?

Your master’s degree in Digital Business opens up a wide range of job opportunities for you, as the demand for qualified professionals to develop, implement and manage digital strategies is high and continues rising.

One can find decision-makers like you in any major cross-divisional position where digital roadmaps are developed and implemented. This includes all fields in which the concepts, methods and tools of digital corporate management, development and steering are required to advance digital transformation. Whether in Organization, in Digital Marketing, in Human Resources or in IT- and Data Management.

How about a career in Digital Business Development where you become the mastermind behind tomorrow’s strategies?

Or would you rather embark on a career as an IT and data expert and have a say in the future of organizations?

Or do you want to move into Digital Human Resources Management and take off in the core of the organization?

No matter what you decide, you are in high demand across a wide variety of industries and sectors. And this equally applies to large corporations, long-established companies, agencies, consulting firms, non-governmental organizations and start-ups.

To study our master’s program in Digital Business means to study for the professions with future.

You’re in?
This way to your future.

You need more info?
Just let us know.

Your factsheet

Duration of study
4 semesters full-time, 6 semesters part-time/occupational

Master of Science (M. Sc.), 120 ECTS Credit Points

Consecutive master’s program

Main areas of study

  • Corporate Management
  • Corporate Development
  • Organization and Process Management
  • Leadership Assessment Center
  • Leadership Skills


  • (Digital) Human Resources Management
  • (Digital) Marketing
  • IT and Data Management

Study Abroad
International Summer School in the 2nd. Semester

Practical projects, business games, labs, excursions (full- and part-time option)


Beginning of October

Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZeVA)

Admission requirements

Tuition fees

Study in full-time
708/ Month
  • € 16,990
  • total in full time
Study in part-time
472/ Month
  • € 16,990
  • total in part time

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