Our Master’s programs

Reach the Master level.

Already have your bachelor’s degree under your belt and know exactly where you want to go next? Namely, one step further?

Do you have a clear idea where you see yourself starting your professional future?

You know that the journey is the destination and want to expand your digital skills and expertise even more?

Or in short: You want more?

Precisely that?

Then we warmly welcome you to our master’s programs.

With a master’s degree in Digital Transformation Management, Industry 4.0, Digital Business or Data Science, you can take your professional future to the next level.

Digital Transformation Management

For all digital rebels, who see opportunity in change.

You say you want a revolution?

Are you convinced that nothing stays except change? Digital revolution is not just an issue of our time to you, but rather a passion? Are you convinced that the challenges of digitalization will bring new chances for tomorrow and beyond? Do you want to have a say and not just leave it up to others to decide? Then our master’s program Digital Transformation Management is perfect for you.

Industry 4.0

For all pioneers whose goal is always one horizon further.

You want to get ahead of tomorrow?

Not only are you interested in finding out how the pulse of our digital age beats but also want to influence it far beyond today? Is the digital revolution more than just a strategy for you?  Is it the ideal way to secure the future of our economy and jobs? Do you want to lead the pack and not follow it? You know that after 4.0 there will undoubtedly be a 5.0?

Do you want to set the course and put product developments and their production as well as existing innovations and business models to the test?

Then our master’s program in Industry 4.0 is the right fit for you.

Digital Business

For all digital decision-makers with a 360-degree view.

You plan to go straight into digital business?

Do you believe that the digital roadmap is more than just pathfinding? Is it rather the way forward? Do you see digital business strategies and models as your mission and passion? Not only do you want to co-determine the digital rules behind a company’s success, but you also want to get it on track and navigate it? Do you want to be at the top, not the runner-up? Then Digital Business is the right fit for you.

Data Science

For all masterminds, who pinpoint the future today.

You like to link the data dots of tomorrow?

Is the future on your radar at all times and you know exactly what tomorrow will bring? Data, data and even more data form the compass that tells you exactly where the digital journey is heading? Not only do you want to know the destination, but also to plan and determine the route? Do you prefer to think outside of the box instead of straight ahead? Then our master’s program in Data Science is the one for you.

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