Prof. Dr. Mohammed AbuJarour

Fachgebiet: Coding and Software Development
letztes Update: 09/15/2022

“Education is the passport to the future; tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it TODAY.” – Malcolm X


2008-2011: Universität Potsdam; IT-System Ingenieur

2006-2008: Universität des Saarlandes; Masterstudium in Data Science

2001-2005: Arab American University Jenin; B.Sc. in Computer Informations-Technologie


Seit 2020: Professor für Coding and Software Engineering; XU Exponential University mit Schwerpunkt auf Agile Software Development, App Development, Web Development, Database Systems, Cloud Computing

2019-2020: Vertretungsprofessor für Programmierung und Software Engineering; HTW Berlin

2012-2019: Entwickler und Forscher; SAP

2005-2006: R&D Engineer; Hadara Technologies

2005-2006: Freiberuflicher Softwareentwickler; MobileSolutions


Software Engineering, Digital Education, Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship


Safa’a AbuJarour and Mohammed AbuJarour: Connecting Human Potentials and Opportunities Through Technology: A Digital Integration Use Case. PACIS 2020 Proceedings, 30, 2020. 

AbuJarour, Safa’a; Jaghjougha, Lama; AbuJarour, Mohammed. The Impact of Digitizing Social Networks on Refugee Decision Making – The Journey to Germany. International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2021), 2021. 

AbuJarour, Safa’a; AbuJarour, Mohammed. How Refugees Perceive Digital Learning Systems During the COVID-19 Lockdown. MENA Chapter of Information Systems (MENACIS2020), 2020. 

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