Our lecturers

Prof. Jose Manuel Alcaraz Barriga

Prof. Jose Manuel Alcaraz Barriga PhD

Fields Digital Business, Human Resources

Rob Johnson

Fields Incubation, Venture Capital, Start-up Business

Prof. Dr. Philipp Bouteiller

Fields Urban Technology, Smart Mobility, Smart Cities

Tilmann Süss

Fields Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security

XU Dozent Marc Preusche

Marc Preusche

Fields Marketing Science  

Dr. Mohammed AbuJarour

areas of expertise: Coding and Software Development

Gottfried von Recum

Fields Coding, App Development

Claudia Hoffmann

Fields Fashion Tech, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development

XU University Dozent Dr. Stefan Hermanns

Dr. Stefan Hermanns

Fields Agile Project Management, Scrum

Dr. Lars Eiermann

Fields Autonomous Mobility and Transport

Prof. Dr. Julie Guth

Fields Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Business Development

XU University FriendsClub Chairman Andreas Winiarski

Andreas Winiarski

Fields Digital Communication, Social Media Marketing, Venture Capital, Digital China

Ronny Rentner

Fields Data Sciences, Plattform Scaling, Coding, Software Engineering

XU University Dozent Tom Schmidt

Tom Schmidt

Fields Agile Organization, Leadership, Change and Organizational Development

Maarten Oesterreich

Areas of expertise: Agile methodologies, Lean Software development, Scrum Actual position: Senior Expert Manager CORE (including setting up a European Identification Platform), previously Teaching Assistant Hasso Plattner Institute

XU University Dozent Dr. Sven Jungmann

Dr. Sven Jungmann

Fields Digital Health

Dr. Dominik Matyka

Fields Marketing Technology, Digital Marketing, New Digital Business

XU University Dozent Florian Breithaupt

Florian Breithaupt

Fields Design Thinking, Agility, Innovation Management, Scrum Methodology

Linda Stannieder

Fields Artificial Intelligence & Marketing, Digital Brand, Marketing Tech

XU Dozentin Olga Scupin

Olga Scupin

Fields Business Innovation and Service Design

Michael Brehm

Fields Venture Capital, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Technology

Dr. Martin Enderle

Fields Data Sciences, Platform Developement, New Digital Businesses

XU Dozentin Judith Innerhofer

Judith Innerhofer

Fields Media coaching, communication and marketing, storytelling, crisis communication and branding

Dr. Martin Lockström

Fields Coding, Software Development, Digital China

Julia von Winterfeldt

Fields Purpose-Driven Organisations and Teams, Transformational Leadership, Conscious Creation at Work

XU University Dozent Marcus Becker

Marcus Becker

Fileds FinTech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence

Lars Hinrichs

Fields Digital Platforms, New Digital Business, Venturing

XU University Dozent Ernesto Laraja

Ernesto Laraia

Fields Focus: communication, interculturality, transformation into leadership, change management

Michael Hartwig

Fields Ad-Tech, Data Analytics

Dimitrij Naumov

Fields Digital Communication, Digital Brands

Lele Canfora

Fields Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Philipp Kleine Jäger

Areas of expertise: Technology Strategy & Management, Stateless Cloudnative Layered Microservice Architectures, Financial Enterprise Architecture Management, Infrastructure Abstraction & Automation, CI/CD & Test Automation (Fuzzing, Mutation Testing), Data & State Management in CAP Systemen und IT & Information Security. Actual position: Managing Partner at CORE SE and responsible for the business units COREresearch, COREengineering, COREoperating…

Dominic Faber

Fields Merger & Acquisitions, Venturing, New Leadership

Kathrin Köhler

Fields Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

XU University Dozent Arndt Pechstein

Arndt Pechstein

Fields Focus: Communication, Interculturality, Transformation into Leadership, Change Management

XU University Dozent Juergen Kopelke

Jürgen Kopelke

Fields Platform, Tech Business, Digital Tranformation

XU Dozent Florian Feltes

Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes

Fields HR, Digital Leadership, New Work

XU University Dozent André Dalwigk

André Dalwigk

Fields Mathematics

Natalie Pompe

Areas of expertise: Digital Democracy, Data Protection, Ethics in Data Protection

Dr. Jürgen Schulze-Seeger

Fields Digital Leadership, Digital Culture

XU University Dozentin Sabrina Eilers

Sabrina Eilers

Fields Digital Leadership

Prof. Dr. Justus Broß

Fields Innovation Leadership, Co-Creation, Agile Methods & Frameworks, Digital Transformation

Nodirbek Usmanov

Fields:  Digital Business, Business Processes, Web Development

Donald Schneider

Fields Digital Brands, Social Media Marketing