Philipp Kleine Jäger

Areas of expertise:
Technologiestrategie und -management, Stateless Cloudnative Layered Microservice Architectures, Management von Unternehmensarchitekturen im Finanzbereich, Infrastrukturabstraktion und -automatisierung, CI/CD und Testautomatisierung (Fuzzing, Mutationstests), Daten- und Zustandsmanagement in CAP-Systemen und IT- und Informationssicherheit.

Actual position:
Managing Partner at CORE SE and responsible for the business units COREresearch, COREengineering, COREoperating and COREventures. In addition to project support in strategy and technology management, Philipp supports the design, the design and the implementation of complex IT architectures. Previously, he worked in an international financial software company and obtained his doctorate after studying materials science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering.