Study duration

6 semesters full-time, 8 semesters part-time/part-time

Study degree

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Academic focuses

Digital Business, Business Administration, Innovation Management, Skills

Specializations in the 5th and 6th semesters: Digital Marketing Management, Digital Technology Management, Digital Mobility Management, Digital Retail Management, Start-up Management, Digital Research and Development (in the part-time variant in the 7th and 8th semesters)

Stay abroad

Study abroad in the 4th semester in the full-time variant International Summer School in the 6th semester in the part-time variant

Hands-on experience

Internship at home or abroad (full-time variant), practical projects, business games, labs, excursions



Foreign languages (optional)

English, Spanish, French

Application deadline

15 September

Start of semester

End of September/beginning of October


Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

Tuition Fees

Admission requirements


Bachelor in Digital Business

Airbnb, Uber, Google - how do these and other companies manage to successfully master the challenges of digitalization? What do their business models, the new digital business models, and processes look like? Which systems and applications do these companies work with? Why do start-ups spring up like mushrooms? Why are medium-sized and large companies, the corporations, going on a shopping spree now more than ever? Why do corporations set up large digital business units, think tanks and labs on greenfield sites? Why are the big consultancies suddenly looking for 20 digitalization experts in one fell swoop?

How can you later develop digital business models in corporations, start-ups or agencies, select modern applications and evaluate data, the oil of the 21st century? How do you bring these businesses through the digital transformation?

If you want answers to these and many other questions, our Digital Business (B. Sc.) program is just right for you!

Overview study plan

Your first semester

In the first three or four semesters (full-time/part-time variant) you will deal in detail with digital business processes, digital business models and the systems that map these processes and models. You can evaluate old, existing business models and develop and implement new digital business models. You are familiar with the handling of information, communication and transaction systems, data, data structures and databases as well as apps that you need to cope with the business challenges of digital transformation.

In addition, the first three semesters offer further highlights, e.g. the modules for digital communication and innovation management. You will learn how to apply modern digital communication, collaboration and innovation methods and techniques (e.g. design thinking, lean start-up methods, etc.) effectively and efficiently. They explore and test these and the latest digital methods and techniques in a playful way and acquire a high degree of digital tool competence.

Experience abroad at international partner universities

In the full-time variant, you study abroad in the fourth semester. XU will have very attractive partner universities on all continents and will enable you to have a foreign experience tailored to your wishes and needs that you will never forget.

In the part-time option, you complete your stay abroad in the sixth semester as part of a two- to three-week summer school at one of our partner universities. The semester abroad is therefore replaced by a shorter stay abroad and international case studies and projects. However, if you can arrange a semester abroad with your job and other obligations, we will of course also make it possible for you to study abroad part-time.

Your last semester - Choose 2 of 6 specializations

In the fifth and sixth semesters or the seventh and eighth semesters (full-time/part-time) you deepen your digital skills acquired in the first four semesters in unique electives/specializations. You can currently choose from six attractive specializations:

Werden Sie zum digitalen Marketingmanager und zum Experten für Digital Communication, Brand Communication und Cross-Media Marketing. Setzen Sie die Konzepte und Instrumente der digitalen Kommunikation ein und arbeiten Sie mit der Macht der Marken.

Mobilität, ein Megatrend. Erkunden Sie, wie ein Mobile Business aufgesetzt werden muss: Einflussgrößen, digitale Modelle, digitale Technologien, z. B. Wearables, Mobile Marketing. So können Sie später Mobile Solutions für Unternehmen entwickeln, die bislang auf konventionelle Technologien setzen.

Beantworten Sie die bohrenden Fragen nach den „richtigen“ digitalen Retail Management-Strategien und -Instrumenten und bewältigen Sie die an Unternehmen gerichtete Anforderung, die Bedürfnisse und Wünsche ihrer Kunden noch stärker zu berücksichtigen. Und bauen Sie einfach mal einen Online-Shop!

Der Titel ist das Thema. Gründen Sie. Verlassen Sie die alte analoge Welt und begeben Sie sich in die neue digitale Welt. Sie erwerben alle digitalen Methoden- und Tool-Kompetenzen, die Sie als Entrepreneur benötigen und erproben Ihre Fähigkeiten in einem Planspiel, das die Gründung und Entwicklung Ihres Unternehmens sehr realistisch abbildet.

Unternehmen, die in der digitalen Transformation verstärkt Ressourcen für Forschung und Entwicklung aufbringen, sind erfolgreicher als Unternehmen, die dies nicht tun. Verstehen Sie die zentrale Rolle der Forschung und Entwicklung im Innovationsprozess und verwirklichen Sie Ihr eigenes digitales Forschungsprojekt.

You choose between specialisations according to your individual preferences, experience gained 'on-the-job', in an internship or in projects, and the requirements of the job market. Two specializations are mandatory - from there the sky's the limit.

Your bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis (sixth or eighth semester) marks the completion of your studies in Digital Business (B.Sc.). The bachelor thesis should champion a practical digital question and can be written in collaboration with a company, corporate or start-up, in a "Digital" field.


Zum Study plan


Career opportunities after graduation

  • Perspectives arise for you - depending on your chosen specialization - above all in these areas of work:
  • Digital Business Model Development
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Digital Technology Management
  • Digital Mobility Management
  • Digital Retail Management
  • Digital Start-Upup Building
  • Digital Research and Development

And that in companies of all industries and sizes. Each and every company needs new digital business models and processes, digital marketing concepts and tools to reach their target audiences, digital technologies and digital innovations, including those resulting from research and development projects. They need intrapreneurs to set up or expand digital business in their own company, and entrepreneurs to relocate selected activities, e.g. in the form of spin-offs.

And if that still seems too conventional, too normal to you, go it alone. You will have our professors' and Career Center's full support!

Do you want to be one of the digital leaders?

Bachelor in Digital Business 

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