Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lammers

Areas of expertise: Deep Tech Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Smart Manufacturing and Operations Management, Complexity Management

“We must strive to ensure that digital technologies benefit people and planet as much as the bottom line. This is not intrinsic to the digital transformation; we need to make it happen”


2020: Executive Certificate – Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

2016-2019: Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning; University of Technology Sydney

2008-2012: Doctorate in Business Administration; Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Business Logistics and General Management

2002-2008: Diploma in Physics; University of Hamburg 


Since 2022: Vice President Teaching and Professor for Deep Tech Entrepreneurship; XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences

Since 2022: Adjunct Associate Professor; UTS: University of Technology Sydney 

2016-2022: Senior Lecturer – Digital Technology Management; UTS: University of Technology Sydney 

2016: Manager, Business Relationships; UTS: University of Technology Sydney

2013-2015: Senior Consultant – Strategy and Operations Advisory; Ernst & Young Germany

2008-2012: Full-time research assistant; Hamburg University of Technology  


Deep Tech Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Smart Manufacturing and Operations Management, Complexity Management


Journal Articles

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Conference Publications

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Book Chapters

Unternehmertum in der digitalen Stadt – Welche Rolle spielt die Gründungslandschaft beim Wettbewerb um die vorderen Plätze in internationalen Städterankings?. Lammers, T., Borkert, M., Sick, N., 2020. In: Hölzle, K., Tiberius, V., Surrey, H. (eds) Perspektiven des Entrepreneurships – Unternehmerische Konzepte zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Schäffer-Poeschel, p. 461-468

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Komplexitätsmanagement für Distributionssysteme, Lammers, T., 2012. Lohmar: Eul Verlag.

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